Works with Home Assistant

A partnership that is beneficial to Home Assistant, our partners and our users. Our goal is to work together with manufacturers to build the best experience for our shared user base. An integration to the Home Assistant platform that just works, that is built and maintained by the manufacturer with support from Nabu Casa.


You will get access to use the Works with Home Assistant badge on your products and documentation pages.


Works with Home Assistant badge shown on all integration pages on the Home Assistant website.


Over 1 million Home Assistant users that search the website daily for new integrations.

Social Media

Using Home Assistant's Blog and Social Media accounts to promote the partnership.

What does it take to be a Works with Home Assistant Partner?

  • Integration must be configurable via the user interface
  • If cloud based, account linking must be supported
  • Devices tested and approved by Nabu Casa
  • Integration Quality Scale requirement of Gold or better
  • Easy firmware updates from within Home Assistant
  • Support contact and integration maintainer must be listed


Response to support inquiries

As issues may arise with your integration, your responsibility is to respond to these support inquiries in a quick and timely manner. The support contact for Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Matter partners will be expected to support any inquiries made by the Nabu Casa team.

Support and Maintenance of the integration

As a Works with Home Assistant partner, you are responsible for your integration and for maintaining the integrity of your integration. You are exempt from this duty if using Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Matter.

Provide easy firmware updates

Works with Home Assistant partners are expected to provide firmware updates via user-friendly services provided by Home Assistant

Be a positive brand in the Home Assistant community.

Home Assistant expects all partners to follow best practices that do not violate the Home Assistant community guidelines.

If you are ready to apply for the Works with Home Assistant partner program, please email [email protected]