Home Assistant Creator Network

We are looking to invest into our community and support the effort being put in to keeping our users informed. This is a way for Home Assistant to reward these creators that are engaging with our users in a positive way.


What is the Creator Network?

The creator network is a group of creators that are active and engaged with our community with consistent content that builds the archive for Home Assistant. These creators are creating content for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. with the goal of helping people. This can be through tutorials, unbiased product reviews, creating cool stuff and more.


Access to products, monthly meetings, first invites to events and an exclusive Discord channel in the Home Assistant Server for questions and feedback as well as information from our developers.


We know how important it is to craft and curate unique and exclusive content. We want to work with you, providing access and opportunities to help you grow your community.


Join for opportunities to get the latest Home Assistant swag, sponsorships, live events (including The Open Home Conference) and more.

What does it take to be a part of the Creator Network?

  • Well known and have positive reputations in the community
  • Have channels with a significant community following
  • Must treat others with respect, fairness, civility as set in our code of conduct.
  • Unique voices, perspectives, and talents. We also embrace and support diversity in our community programs.


What if I post negative feedback or comments?

If the feedback is honest and constructive then you have our thanks and full support. We want our members act honestly with us, our community and our devs. Home Assistant is committed to be community first and building that community up.

Will I get paid as a member of the creator network?

No. Creators are free to monetize their content wherever they operate.

Do I need to pay to be a part of the creator network?


Apply to be a part of the Home Assistant Creator Network!